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Riello MDM 3/1, MDT 3/3

MULTI DIALOG 10-80kVA - Họ MDM 3/1, MDT 3/3

Một thiết bị cung cấp nguồn không ngắt (Uninterruptible Power Supply) (UPS) để bảo vệ nguồn điện (power protection) của các ứng dụng mạng lớn và rộng của doanh nghiệp. Dãy cung cấp nguồn không ngắt Multi Dialog của Riello UPS là một giải pháp lý tưởng cho các người dùng máy tính và viễn thông muốn một hệ thống nguồn dạng đa chức năng linh động với các đạc điểm thông tin cao cấp.

Đó là một sản phẩm dạng gắn rack 19", 10-30kVA và phiên bản có bộ biến thế cách ly sẵn cho các ứng dụng quan trọng đòi hỏi cách ly Galvanic - 10-20kVA.
10-20kVA một pha vào/ một pha ra hay 3 pha vào/ 1 pha ra
10-80kVA 3 pha vào / 3 pha ra
Bộ cung cấp điện không ngắt có nhiều chế độ vận hành
The Multi Dialog Uninterruptible Power Supply series UPS uses double conversion on-line technology (VFI) and has several other operating mode options. Multi Dialog AF systems incorporate an harmonic filter to achieve less than 4% harmonic distortion and a near perfect sinewave absorption from the mains.
In on-line mode the load is powered continuously by the inverter to remove sags, surges and brownouts, through EMI filters to suppress transients, spikes and electrical noise. Even on bypass the load is routed through the filters so that the load is not connected to raw mains.
When the mains fails, the inverter which is constantly powering the load simply draws power from the internal battery to provide complete protection.

Các chế độ vận hành của UPS

As well as the its on-line operating mode, Multi Dialog can operate in:
Economy Mode: uses Line Interactive (VI) technology to power less critical loads from the mains supply for certain periods. The function can be set from the front panel keypad or remotely using software
Smart Active: if the mains supply is out of range, the UPS will power the load from the inverter as an On-line UPS. When the mains supply returns to within range again, the UPS will monitor this for a certain period before selecting Line Interactive operation
Standby/Off: for security applications like emergency lighting where the UPS is switched on but the loads are powered through the bypass supply. When the mains fails or falls outside a preset range the inverter automatically powers the load. This operation is similar to that of a standby uninterruptible power supply.
Frequency conversion: 50 or 60Hz
Automatic Voltage Stabiliser: voltage stabilisation with the inverter and battery completely disabled.

MỞ rộng thời gian vận hành

As the inverter is rated for continuous operation this type of uninterruptible power supply can be used to support large loads for long runtimes up to and over 7 hours or more in duration. This can be achieved using battery extension packs that connect in series to the rear panel connector on the UPS and/or a generator. When battery extension packs are used these may have their own mains powered chargers to maintain a reasonable recharge time of the complete battery set. For larger loads consider the Master Dialog.
Whatever the runtime installed there should be sufficient time for the protected computer systems to be shutdown in an orderly manner using the PowerShield software, supplied as standard, for Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, Me, XP, Mac OSx, 9.x, Linux NT 4.0 operating systems. Additional remote monitoring can be achieved using PowerNetGuard on Wide Area Networks or the Telenetguard remote service monitoring system with text alerts for site problems, and the wide range of NetMan SNMP interfaces and MultiCom adapters available.

Thông tin nâng cao

• advanced, multi-platform communication, for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield supervision and shut-down software included, with SNMP agent, for Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, Me, XP, Mac OSx, 9.x, Linux, NT 4.0, Novell operating systems. The UPS is equipped with a cable for direct connection to the PC (Plug and Play)
• double RS232 serial port
• network adapter slot for SNMP agent
• EPO (Emergency Power Off) shut down input contact
• remote control panel

Các đặc điểm

• reliable, filtered, stabilised and regulated sinewave output (double on-line conversion technology VFI according to EN50091-3 specifications) with filters for atmospheric disturbance suppression
• high reliability: IGBT technology, full microprocessor control with no-break static and manual bypasses
• 0.8 power factor makes Multi Dialog suitable for powering ICT and industrial loads
• high level diagnostics: event log with 128 messages, states, measurements and alarms - available from the built-in LCD in several languages
• the UPS may be configured with the RS232 serial port (flash up gradable)
• power factor correction with sinusoidal input to ensure a low impact on the mains supply for the single-phase/single-phase series
• reduced noise levels: high frequency inverter bridge used (>16 kHz: above audible range)
• low power consumption up to 92% in On-line mode due to the use of IGBT technology and up to 98% in the other operating modes: “Economy Mode”, Smart Active Mode, and Standby/Off Mode.
• low harmonic pollution in the Multi Dialog CLEAN (AF series) the electronic digital (DSP control) active filter achieve a very low total harmonic distortion (THDi<4%)
• compact cabinet (internal option)
• high reliability (failure of the active filter does not affect UPS operation)
• high efficiency: the active filter does not reduce operational efficiency
• simple to install:
o capability to connect the UPS both to single-phase and three-phase mains supplies
o panel to offset voltage drop down long cable runs
o castors for ease of movement (models 10-30kVA)
• maximum reliability and power availability - connect up to 8 units in parallel or N+1 redundancy, even of different power ratings
• power factor correction (input power factor, close to 1)
• high level battery reliability:
o automatic battery test
o recharge compensated for temperature
• emergency operation: the UPS can be set to operate only when the mains fails (for emergency lighting)
• back feed protection: to avoid energy feeding back into the mains supply
• by pass may be deactivated to allow operation as a frequency converter (at 50 or 60 Hz)
• easy to maintain (front access)

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