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Đầu nối quang (Adapter) E2000 Simplex

IES1104 4x10/100MBaseTX Sang Quang 100MBaseX
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RCA/S-Video to VGA converter (MT-VH102)



DESCRIPTION: The MT-VH102 is a Video to VGA converter for High Resolutcin(up TO 1280X1024) Video Picture sharing.The DEINTERLACE can provide high quality picture and give sharp,stable image output to VGA inpurt device.It is easy to install and operate,instantly switch the source between Video,S-Video and PC with a single button and turn your monitor in to a high resolution picture output.

RCA Composite Video and S-video to VGA converter MT-VH102 allows your DVD, STB, game tube, to be displayed on standard computer monitor or LCD.


-Composite Video Interface: RCA (The model with BNC interface: MT-VH104-BNC, MT-VH105-BNC);
-Inputs: 1 x Composite Video, 1 x S-video and 1 x VGA;
-0utput:1 X VGA;
-Switch between 3 inputs to be output to the single VGA;
-Both PAL / NTSC are supported;
-Optional Resolution: 800x600@60HZ, 800x600@75HZ, 1024x768@60HZ, 1280x1024@60HZ, (Note: The model supports higher resolution is MT-VH104-BNC, MT-VH105-BNC)
-Lightness, hue, contrast, saturation, color, etc. adjustable via button and auto-store when power off;
-Optional function: Remote Control

Interface Specification



 (1)VGA Out  To connect VGA display (Computer monitor or LCD)
 (2)Video In  To connect Composite Video devices (eg:DVR, CDD Camera, etc) 
 (3)S-Video In  To connect S-video devices
 (4)VGA In  To connect PC host
 (5)DC 5V  To connect power supply 
 (6)LED Indication  Shows working staus.



 (1)Input:  Switch between input sources Composite Video>>S-VIDEO>>VGA
 (2)Menu  Click it to adjust lightness, contrast, saturation and hue


-Under BRI Menu, "Freeze/+": increase value of lightness; "Resolution/-" : decrease value of lightness.
-Under "CON" Menu, " Freeze/+" : increase value of contrast; "Resolution/-" : decrease value of contrast
-Under "COL" Menu,  " Freeze/+" : increase value of saturation, "Resolution/-" : decrease value of saturation
-Under "HUE" Menu, " Freeze/+" : increase value of hue; "Resolution/-" : decrease value of hue
-When menu is closed, Press : " Freeze/+" to freeze output display video;
-When menu is closed: Press: " Resolution/-" to select output resolution;
                                                 Press "Input" and "Resolution/-" at the same time: Default Setting.

Accessories & Package
RCA cable
1 pcs
S-video cable
1 pcs
Power supply
1 pcs
User manual
1 pcs
Package Box
1 pcs


Package Info:

   Weight (KG)  Dimension (LxWxH cm)
 Product  0.09  10X6.1X2.6
 Gift Box (1pcs with accessories and gift box)  0.4  20.5X15.5X7
 Carton Box (20pcs)   11  43X33X37

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