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Đầu nối quang (Adapter) E2000 Simplex

IES1104 4x10/100MBaseTX Sang Quang 100MBaseX
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MT-VH104, BNC (Video and S-Video) to VGA converter

MT-VH104-BNC Composite Video and S-Video to VGA converter allows your DVR or CDD camera to be displayed on standard computer monitor, converting a computer monitor or LCD into a CCTV monitor.
The connection on the back of DVR and CDD camera is BNC female, which is to be connected to the BNC input of MT-VH104-BNC. The output video quality is better than the direct VGA output from DVR.


-Inputs: 1 X  Composite Video, 1 X S-Video, 1 X VGA;
-Output: 1 X VGA;
-Composite Video Interface: BNC

-Switch between the 3 inputs and output one of them to VGA;
-The VGA input is pass through to the VGA output without any processing;
-Both PAL / NTSC are supported;
-Optional Resolution: 800 X 600@60HZ, 800 X 600@75HZ, 1024 X 768@60HZ, 1280 X 1024@60HZ, (

-Brightness, hue, contrast, saturation, color, are adjustable and auto-save when power off;
-Optional function: Remote Control.

Connection Image


Interface Specification



 (1)VGA Out  To connect VGA display (Computer monitor or LCD)
 (2)Video In  To connect Composite Video devices (eg:DVR, CDD Camera, etc) 
 (3)S-Video In  To connect S-video devices
 (4)VGA In  To connect PC host
 (5)DC 5V  To connect power supply 
 (6)LED Indication  Shows working staus.



 (1)Input:  Switch between input sources Composite Video>>S-VIDEO>>VGA
 (2)Menu  Click it to adjust lightness, contrast, saturation and hue


-Under BRI Menu, "Freeze/+": increase value of lightness; "Resolution/-" : decrease value of lightness.
-Under "CON" Menu, " Freeze/+" : increase value of contrast; "Resolution/-" : decrease value of contrast
-Under "COL" Menu,  " Freeze/+" : increase value of saturation, "Resolution/-" : decrease value of saturation
-Under "HUE" Menu, " Freeze/+" : increase value of hue; "Resolution/-" : decrease value of hue
-When menu is closed, Press : " Freeze/+" to freeze output display video;
-When menu is closed: Press: " Resolution/-" to select output resolution;
                                                 Press "Input" and "Resolution/-" at the same time: Default Setting.

Accessories & Package
S-Video cable
1 pcs
Power supply
1 pcs
User manual
1 pcs
Package Box
1 pcs

Package Info:

   Weight (KG)  Dimension (LxWxH cm)
 Product  0.09  10X6.1X2.6
 Gift Box (1pcs with accessories and gift box)  0.4  20.5X15.5X7
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