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Đầu nối quang (Adapter) E2000 Simplex

IES1104 4x10/100MBaseTX Sang Quang 100MBaseX
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Optical transmitter and receiver (8V+1D)

Name: Optical transmitter and receiver (8V+1D)

Class: Optical transmitter

APT-201 8V+1D

Single fiber 8-path single-direction video 1-path reverse-direction data digital optical transmitter and receiver(8V+1D) Specification

1.Fully data no condensation broadcast level transmit
2.No simulation frequency modulation, appearance modulation,amplitude modulation optical transmitter’s across modulation disturb.
3.Support any high exculpation rate video signal,auto compatible,PAL,NTSC,SECAM audio system.
4.Support video no lose regeneration relay.
5.Support vidio,data,Ethernet, telephone sound side by side transmit
6.Gigabit fiber transmit technology,large capability,easy upgrade.
7.Fiber WDM/CWDM/DWDM technology
8.singlmode,multimode transmit distance 0-100M
9.special ASIC design and high speed DSP technology
10.Advanced self-adapt technology,no have to adjust to use.
11.Fully surface adhibit technology
12.Industry level design,high dependability
13.Independent module or rack mount style.
14.Support user handtailor and OEM.

Technical parameter

I/ Video interfaces

1.Video input/output impedance
2.BNC 75Ω unbalanced interface
3.Video input/output voltage
4.Typical peal value 1Vpp, maximum 1.5 Vpp
5.Video bandwidth: 8MHZ 6.Video digital bit width:8 bits/10 bits 7.Differential gain :<1% 8.Differentia phase: <0.6°
9.Signal-to-noise ratio :67 dB (weighting)

II/ Data interface

1.Physicalinterface Shielding surpassing
Cat.RJ-45 terminal, industrial wiring terminal
2.RS232 speed:DC-115.2Kbps
3.RS-422/485 speed:DC-1.2Mbps
4.RS-422/485 distance:0-1200m
5.RS-422/485protocol: Transparently compatible with RS-485/422 protocol Compatible with I/O on-off volume, alarming data, Manchester Code.

III/ Ethernet interface

1.Physical interface :Shielding surpassing-Cat.5 RJ-45 terminal
2.Supporting protocol:IEEE 802.3 10Base-T 10M、10/100M Ethernet standards
3.Working mode:Full duplex or half duplex
(Phone interface)
1.Physicalinterface :Shielding
surpassing-Cat.5 RJ-45 terminal, industrial wiring terminal
2.Voice bandwidth:4KHZ
3.Working mode: Peer-to-peer hot line, SPC exchange/separating unit mode

IV/ Optical fiber

1.Physical interface:FC/UPC、ST/UPC、SC/PC
2.Transmission speed: 155Mbps、1.25Gbps
3.Optical fibertype:Singlemodo/multimode optical fiber
4.Transmission distance:Multimode:0-3km; Singlemode: 110km Working temperature:-40~75℃

1.Do not directly watch the optical transmitting interface with naked eyes when the equipment is electrified so as to avoid hurting.
2.When the equipment is not used, please cover the optical fiber interface with dirt shroud.
3.Do not connect the interface of power supply of this equipment with the interfaces of other equipment

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